****Announcing - Refuel21 ``Lite`` ****

We hope and pray that you are doing ok. That you and yours have managed to avoid the virus so far and that you have managed to carve out a pattern of life for the moment that prepares you for what might lay ahead.

Most importantly, we hope and pray that your relationship with God has been a source of great strength and that these strange days might even have brought greater renewal and intimacy with God. It has certainly done so for me.

The Refuel Team have certainly been pressing in constantly. Continually asking the Lord if we are to even consider meeting on the fields of Gordon Castle this year and in the shadow of this pandemic. We so desperately want to meet this summer, but we know we need to be respectful of what you think and what might be expected of us.

The answer has always been clear, but the timing has not!

Until now…..

We have always been clear on our continued calling to gather the saints from every corner, every expression and every denomination of Jesus follower. To demonstrate “such unity that the world will know…”. (John17:23)

The Team feels that the Father is leading us to at least declare our intention to do something this summer.

Welcome therefore to Refuel21-“LITE” – This is an invitation to holiday in Moray with 2 days of wider off-site activity (Mon&Tues) and then gathering at Gordon Castle from Wednesday until Friday for a truly outdoor festival of faith!

So, what will it look like?

Refuel 21 “Lite” will look different to what you might have got used to over the last few years.  It will be smaller, but we promise to bring together aspects of Refuel that you would expect such as ministry, community, worship, encounter, presence and connection.

The Monday and Tuesday activities will be optional, diverse and exciting. We will be climbing, fishing, walking, singing, dancing, eating, touring, gathering on a hill, teaching and celebrating together across the beautiful landscape and towns of Moray for two days. Getting to know each other, spending time with each other. and then gathering on Wednesday to Friday to worship and meet.

The main worship will be outdoors and led from an open sided stage where folks can control their proximity to others. Bring your own camp chairs and even your own wee stretch tents and claim your patch on the lawn for the week!

The stage will be beamed to various large screens on the grounds. We will have the new Tower Hall to enjoy your Inverness Coffee Roasting Co coffee and some ministries in attendance but those who might not wish to go into a building will be able to enjoy refreshments outdoors.

All under 16’s can attend FREE and although we cannot offer our normal children’s ministry in the form experienced in previous years there will be activities and ministries offering outdoor experiences for the over 5’s (requires payment).  The good news is that the cost of these activities are subsidised…….and more affordable.

Activities will be paid to for separately and more details of this will be available soon.

Basically, we want to offer EVERYONE a chance to come and join us and all the while respecting various preferences and needs for proximity at a time when vaccines will still be taking effect and being proven.

We desperately want to gather with our brothers and sisters to worship Him together, to testify to His Goodness together. Can you imagine that it will feel like to do so after all this time!

So, what will it take for this to happen?

As you will understand, we cannot promise that these events will go ahead. There are several factors outside of our control, the most significant being the Public Health Scotland restrictions on mass gatherings. But please know we are trying our very hardest.  If we are forced to cancel again due to restrictions, we would be contacting you regarding refunds.

This is a similar approach to other large outdoor events that have announced dates for this year, including New Wine and Belladrum, all of whom have asked for absolute commitment from ticket holders before they decide to put plans into action.

We must do the same and we need to know that we can afford the measure of event we are proposing and therefore need to have 250 ticket holders signed up by 5th April 2021. Those of you who rolled over your tickets are not included in this figure.

A small £25pp deposit is required to be paid to indicate your intention to come and that will allow the team to decide to proceed.

So, what if I have questions?

Firstly, get back to us with any questions you may have, but here are a few things you might want to know.

Bruxy Cavey is coming all week! – this will highly depend on all circumstances and not necessarily just if covid restrictions allow. Bruxy and the Refuel team will be paying close attention to the concerns of all our communities about international travel and want to respect the advice being given at the appropriate point in time.

The cost of the event is £199 for adults and young adults, which we appreciate this is a bit more than previous years cost but we pray you might see that this is required.

Young Adults will be asked to pay the same as the adult price and there will be spaces and places for this age group to gather and make their own. There will be no concession prices this year and we trust the reasons for this might be understood for this year.

Refuel21 “Lite” will welcome caravans and motorhomes that can be self-sufficient. Water and waste disposal will be available but there will not be shower blocks or electrical hook up. Although we would love to offer camping on site, we are unable to do so this year, however camping is available off-site at the many beautiful sites around Moray.

We feel so excited that this year MIGHT happen. It will be a holiday for us all. It will be a break for us all. It will be relaxed. It will be safe, and it will offer something for everyone in a different way than before.

Will you join us?

Please get in touch. Please pray that this pandemic ends soon and allows us to meet again. We love you all and so look forward to seeing you on the fields of Gordon Castle soon.

A Frequently asked Questions sheet will be available soon but please get in contact with your thoughts, questions or ideas.


Craig & Denise Mackay
Event Managers
Refuel Scotland

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