Ministry Partners at Refuel

Bring your Ministry to REFUEL24 

Refuel23 saw The Ministries take on the teaching, family fun, equipping, inspiring, and training of the delegates. This way, EVERYONE gets to lead this event. After all the years of running this gathering in a way similar to many others, God very clearly led us “take our hands off it” and let the leaders of organisations and ministries, form the program and content. This really worked well!

We believe this is what God wants us to pursue. A completely different model of summer camp, summer holiday, and summer conference. Imagine a place where ALL Christians go, where ALL ministries go, where ALL churches are represented……imagine the John 17:23 witness this would be and the benefit this would be to your mission, aims, and objectives as a ministry. Imagine!

For those who have not been before or who might not know what the REFUEL adventure is all about – the following bullet points might help –


  • The event is a gathering of 2000+ Christians, churches and organisation from every Trinity loving denomination in the UK and beyond
  • It is totally outdoors, with open air worship and teaching etc in marquee sizes of your choice
  • The aim of Refuel since its first gathering in 2017 is the “demonstration of unity” that Jesus prayed for in John 17:23
  • The “style” – “flavour” – “theme” – “theology” – “dna” of the event is completely down to the ministries, people, churches and organisations that come. It looks like those that come and lead.
  • The teaching, equipping, engagements with Refuel goers is done by the ministries attending – not on the main stage


Here is a recap video for the 2023 event that might also help –


We are already booking spaces and tentage for many of the teams that wish to have the same space, same tent, etc as this summer and we know that canvas will be in demand so please think about setting a marker down with us ASAP so we can at least start chatting about what next summer could look like with your team on the field.

Please email