Market Place at Refuel 19

Over the past two years at Refuel we have had amazing support from Ministries wanting to be part of the Marketplace, we extremely excited that many of these will be joining us again in 2019, along with some news faces. We have a fantastic Christian bookshop and the best coffee at the festival. 

There is a wonderful diversity of ministries in the UK and beyond. Come and hear news and celebrate with the volunteers.

The Market Place is a remarkable opportunity to publicise your ministry, we are continuing to offer spaces in the Marquee for an amazing £300 – this includes 2 delegates tickets !  As well as listing in the Refuel brochure.

In appreciation of the volunteers who represent their organisations we offer free tea and coffee with Market Places spaces. 

There are options to secure tables, chairs and a supply of electricity (for those must see presentations) at cost price, together with the option to secure meals for those hungry volunteers.  

Market Place 3m x 3m space     £ 300

Table                                             £  10
2 chairs                                         £  10
Power supply                                £  20
Meals by arrangement                  £  65

Interested in bringing your ministry to Refuel19, please email Hilary, our Marketplace Coordinator,