Youth at Refuel


For our Refuel Youth this year we have a dedicated Youth Zone hosted and run by the Pais Movement   

(Paid forward tickets and financial assistance are available on request)


Refuel’s Youth Zone is run by The Pais Movement and aimed at young people in high school, aged 12-17. 

The Pais team will be presenting 4 days of fun, teaching, equipping and worship that seeks to prepare young adults for mission, life and Faith. The programme will be fast paced with something for everyone and still space to chill, kick back, and enjoy a summer holiday with other young people. 

The cost to join in with The Youth Zone is £20 per youth per day.

There will be a separate camping space for youths and youth leaders, supported by The Pais Team. 
NOTE: Camping tickets at £5 per night are available for  Youth who wish to stay onsite (if you have already purchased a camping ticket then you don’t need to purchase another). 

Accompanying Youth leaders will have free camping.


*12 year old’s must have completed their first year in secondary school.

*All under 18’s need to have a responsible person onsite during the event such as a youth leader, adult attending Refuel, etc. If the under 18 is camping they will need to have a responsible adult onsite over night.

*Refuel & The Pais team are not responsible for youth who decide not to take part in the program and leave.

*Once your teen is signed up, you will be asked to complete a registration form.

Refuel23 Youth Zone