Donate to Refuel

Announcing this years Refuel Festival as being FREE for all is a HUGE step of courage and faith. The volunteer organisers at Refuel Scotland have always wanted the event to be affordable for all and have always been aware that so many of the Christians around the country simply cannot afford to travel all the way to the Highlands of Scotland and pay for accommodation AND pay to the event itself.

Having suffered a shortfall in income over the initial years, the event has only just become debt free and whilst this allows us to be brave in our obedience to God on this matter, it is not without its worries!

So!….we are asking those that come who might be able to afford to donate something, to do so. We are also inviting those that might not be able to make it and who believe in our intentions, to perhaps donate.

We are approaching third party funders who might also believe in this aim of being affordable to all.

What we truly hope for is to facilitate a larger demonstration of the body of Christ in terms of the number of people who wish to gather in this way all week or on any of the days available. This is going to be so exciting!


This is the most cost effective way of giving to us as we don’t have to pay administration fees to anyone else. Please contact Emily ( or one of the team so that we can send you our bank details.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer the donation can be Gift Aided as well, thus gleaning a further 25% for The Refuel Festival (Scotland). We are a Scottish Charity, SC050534, regulated by the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR). To make things easier for you we have created an online Gift Aid form for you to fill in.

This should be completed by each individual tax payer that wishes to enable the use of Gift Aid.

By sending this online form, you will enable the Refuel to reclaim the tax deducted from your gift.

I wish the Refuel to reclaim tax on all my donations to it (including any made since 6 April 2019). All my donations are to be treated as 'Gift Aid Donations'. I am a taxpayer. I understand that I must pay tax equal to or esceeding the tax deducted from my donations. I will notify the Treasurer of the Refuel in writing if at any time I believe this will not be the case and will advise of any change of address.