REFUEL "ON ICE" - Special Announcement

Firstly – thank you so much for investing in Refuel22 and its aims to gather the saints on the fields of Gordon Castle in a demonstration of John 17:23 Unity. There have been so many blessings commanded by the unity we have fostered over these last few years and we look forward to the “more” to come!

Be assured that the team here continue to be passionately committed to the vision of a gathering THE CHURCH like this and we know that Gordon Castle Estate is the ancient well of revival on which it is to be principally held.

The video below (CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO STATEMENT) contains a statement from the Refuel Team, which we pray explains why we are being led NOT to hold an event this year and why we are refunding all ticket holders immediately.


Basically, the statement explains how and why we believe God is leading us to pursue a manner of gathering that will more effectively respond to the prayer Jesus in John 17:23 – “ that they may demonstrate such perfect unity – that the world will know that you sent me”.

The video explains all – please take a moment to hear our heart and let us know if any of this continues to inspire you to join with us in “the waiting” on God on this. For surely this is the right thing to do if we clearly hear God’s instruction in this.

Please let us know what you feel/think/hear and we look forward to feeding back to all supporters, ticket buyers and friends on this over the coming days.

We love you all

Craig & Denise Mackay

On behalf of The Refuel Team

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