Next Stop Portree - Please Note the Change of Date... 26th - 27th April
Venue - Portree Community Centre

Refuel on the Road! or the “Caravan of Love” as it is affectionately called is a 12-month tour of Scotland by the Refuel Team, Refuel Worship teams, and all the supporting ministries and organisations that serve at Refuel every summer.

This adventure was born from determined prayer in 2021 when God led the team to cancel that year’s Refuel Festival and to re-imagine what it should look like through prayer.

This seemingly crazy road trip of caravans, motorhomes, campers, and trailers was amongst the three significant instructions that the Refuel Team sensed the Lord give them during their months of prayer and seeking.

Instruction one was to offer the Refuel Festival for FREE! This was honored this summer and actually resulted in the very first year where the event covered itself financially! Hallelujah!

The second instruction was to release the teaching and ministering at Refuel to the ministries and organisations that came. This we did and it proved to be superbly successful and engaging for all involved.

The third instruction was for us to take the event “on the road” and to simply WORSHIP and to simply EQUIP the saints around Scotland. This we have been doing now for several months!

It’s fun!…and there is fruit!

If you have been tracking with the adventure, you will know that we have so far visited several communities listed on the poster and we feel confident that we have done what has been asked of us by God in these communities – TO WORSHIP and to EQUIP – We have testimonies of some believers who have NEVER experienced anything of the 5-fold gifts, others who have been so encouraged to re-light their passion for church, for service, for evangelism, for ministry, for prayer, for art, for dance and for Christ.

We have seen healings, salvations, fun, joy, shinannagins, mistakes, and successes…but most of all…for me personally….we are building friendships and relationships with believers all over the country. Building them up and hopefully taking them with us relationally if not even physically! (John 17:23)

For these northern locations, we have so far enjoyed the company of Adopt a Child, Christian Fellowship for Healing in the Highlands, MAF, CFI, Streams, Breaking the Power of Secularism, Open Doors, ACORN, and Sat7. Several of these organisations have sent teams along to each location where we invite them to share and minister and fully join in as leaders and some have sent a “stand” that we set up on their behalf wherever we go.

If you would like to join us – physically or by way of a stand being set up on your behalf — in our next location Portree, Skye on the 26th and 27th of April, please do get in touch!

Below are some photos and recap videos for each of our adventures so far

If you have a Christian charity or organisation that could serve to equip the nation to serve, then please do come and join us. If you are nearby any of the communities listed, please do come along and share your heart and lean into areas of your life of faith that you might not have experienced before. Let’s equip ourselves for the days we live in and watch His Church thrive in His power and purposes.


Refuel on the Road - Arbroath

Refuel on the Road - Mintlaw

Refuel on the Road - Fortrose

Refuel on the Road - Thurso

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