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Ministry Team

A key value of Refuel is to provide all conference delegates with the opportunity to receive prayer ministry, available in the power of the Holy Spirit . The Ministry Team play a vital role in this. We believe Jesus wants to use all believers in ministry, flowing through the gifts of the Spirit and we invite you to be part of this.

Previous experience is not essential but you do need to be prepared to learn, receive training, and be open to being coached by your team leaders. All Ministry Team members are required to work under leadership and within Refuel Ministry Guidelines.

What You Will be Doing

  • Serving as part of the ministry team to bring prayer / blessing ministry to delegates during ministry times, following the Refuel prayer ministry model (5 step prayer model) and speakers’ specific directions.

  • We are exploring a different way of providing prayer ministry this Year at Refuel and are seeking flexability from the Team as we provide ministry at various points during the day, in different settings and structures.

    You will be praying in pairs and will have our supervision and assistance as normal. More detail on this will be sent to you as be get closer to the event.

    There are ministry team meetings in the mornings during the Refuel Event which you are required to attend.

    Your Prayer Ministry Leaders this  year will be Sandra Campbell & Maureen Manson and oversight will be proved by Lynda Charleston and Denise Mackay.

    We ask ministry team members to be available during the whole Refuel Event (as far as possible) and we will of course provide downtime for you to relax and receive yourself. 


Team members are required to have completed REFUEL Ministry Training 1 (RT1), or equivalent or have had proven prayer ministry experience prior to ministering at a the Refuel Event. 


We are passionate about equipping and will be offering online training for those who have no or little experience in prayer ministry but want to learn.  Once trained you will be buddied up with a more experienced Prayer Minister who will help you grow in this area.

Training may be provided on Monday 24 July at Refuel, details to follow. 

Further guidance will also be provided during the first Ministry Team meeting of the Event. Team members would benefit from reading The "Essential Guide to Healing" by Bill Johnson & Randy Clark.


Your Senior Church Leader/minister/pastor, Senior Home Church Leader/pastor or Senior leader of a ministry organisation will be contacted for a reference following submission of your application. It is your responsibility to make sure your reference has received the automatic link to provide an online reference for you and to make sure he/she provides this in good time before the event.

if you have any further questions then please do not hesiate to contact us on 01343 610230 or email us at


Refuel Team 




Your refreee should be either
1. Senior church leader/minister/ pastor or
2. Senior home church leader/pastor or
3. Senior leader of a ministry organisation you are part of.

Please let your Reference know that they will be contacted directly by Refuel using the email provided.




Only one application is needed for the year. This form will cover all the events you have checked. If you wish to minister at additional events following submission of this form please let us know at:


Prior to Refuel24 you will be sent a 5 step prayer model training video which you will be required to watch and adhere to during the event.
Please confirm that you agree to watch the video and follow the prayer ministry guidelines during the event.
Were you part of the Refuel ministry team in the previous five years?
If yes, please tell us the last year you served
Have you served on any other ministry team before? Where?*required
Have you attended any other ministry training?
Does your church or house group have a Ministry Team?*required
Are you part of it?*required

What type of ministry have you practiced?*required


Please explain briefly when and how you became a Christian:


Do you have a continuing living faith in the Lord Jesus Christ?
Do you read the Bible and pray on a regular basis?
Are you aware of the power and leading of the Holy Spirit in your life?

Please outline in one paragraph, your understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit in healing:




Do you already have a PVG?  *required
If yes, please supply your PVG Scheme Membership number*required


Refuel Scotland aims to ensure that all children / protected adults are kept safe from harm while they are with staff or volunteers in this organisation. In order to achieve this we will ensure our staff and volunteers are carefully selected, screened, trained and supervised.

The nature of the work you are applying for means that you must tell us about convictions (pending, spent or unspent). For motoring offences please only answer ‘YES’ if it resulted in disqualification. Having a criminal record will not necessarily stop you from being on team. This will depend on the nature of the position and the circumstances and background of your offences.

Have you ever been convicted of an offence in any criminal or civil proceedings in any court in any country?

        If yes, please complete the self declaration form and return to the Refuel Office, for the attention of Craig Mackay - Event Organiser. If you require assistance or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the Refuel Office on 01343 610230.*required   *required

Are you currently the subject of a police enquiry or do you have any court cases pending against you?

        If yes, please give details (255 character limit).*required   *required

Was any conviction or caution related to the mental/physical harm to a child or young person?

        If yes, please give details (255 character limit).*required   *required


As part of the Refuel Ministry Team, I agree to work under the authority of the Refuel leadership, and to follow the Ministry Team Guidelines.

I understand that the ministry team is a voluntary team and that I must arrange for and pay for all accommodation costs myself.

Your relevant Leader will be contacted for a reference following submission of your application. It is your responsibility to check with him/her that they have received the request for a reference and completed it on line in good time before the event you wish to minister at.

Only one application is needed for the year.

Please check to confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions for team participation.    *required


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