What a team for Refuel17!

Thank you Lord for this wonderful guest list for Refuel17, ready to pour out Your Word, Your Love, Your Revelation for this season in the North of Scotland.
Just in case you need some names for faces not from these shores!….from left to right top to bottom as follows…..
Bruxy Cavey, The Meeting House, Canada
Andy Bannister – Solas Centre for Public Christianity
– Andy Hawthorne – The Message Trust
Roy Godwin – Ffald y Brenin, Wales
– Paul Davie, Alpha Scotland
– Steven and Angela Boler – Prayer Ministry
Richard Fothergill – Founder The Filling Station Trust
Fred Drummond – Evangelical Alliance
Stuart Watt– Mintlaw Community Church
– Brian Deorksen – Waorship leader
– LZ7 – Worship team
– Andy & Yvonne Hall – Nothing Hidden Ministries
Ranan – Worship team
– Josiah Venture – Youth team
Allan McKinlay – Worship leader
David Ross – Worship leader
– Lucy Moore – Messy Church
– Lindsey Hanekon – Ellel Ministries
Peter Brokaar – Ellel Ministries
Sally Snape – Prophetic Artist in residence
HeartSong – Worship team
– Jonathan & kate Humphries – Love after Marriage
– Gill Lyth – Care for the Family

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