Fit for Ministry at Refuel17!

..are you ready!!……for “Fit for Ministry” with Mandy Sangbarani (also leads the Ranan Worship Team playing at Refuel17) Every morning on the Refuel lawn and pitched to suit all levels of fitness.
The first session is for all comers and the second session for the superstars amongst you all!
Mon – First session 30min Metafit then 2nd session Abs 30min.
Tues – First session Circuits then next Legs, Bums and tums.
Wed – First session Metafit then Zumba
Thur- First session HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) then Conditioning
Friday – First ses Metafit then Booty Sculpt
We are so thankful for this wonderful opportunity being made available by Mandy and know that you will be blessed as you sweat in the sun!

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